The foreign exchange market is the largest market in the world, offering significant revenue opportunities for those banks providing trading liquidity.

But providing trading liquidity comes with a number of related costs…including operations, funding requirements and capital allocation.  It also entails credit and settlement risks.

9th Gear has created a marketplace that alters the fundamental way FX is traded.  This new process will reduce cost and risk to both banks and the overall system.

Using blockchain technology, 9th Gear speeds up delivery and reduces reliance on a correspondent banking network.  This will reduce both errors and cost.

In addition,, 9th Gear’s innovative “fund then trade” methodology eliminates FX settlement risk and reduces funding requirements along with their associated costs.

Our team stands ready to discuss how we can integrate into your trading system. Contact us today to learn more.

Additional Benefits

  1. Allocate scarce capital to most valuable clients.

  2. Leverage secure smart contracts and distributed ledger technology while transacting only in FIAT values.

  3. Reduce volatility and operational hurdles by trading only in FIAT values without cryptocurrencies in the transaction.

  4. Decrease back-office operating costs with lower FTE requirements

  5. Reduce capital requirements by utilizing built-in lending platform.

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