Investors choose from many low-risk, low-return options when investing cash; these include money markets, T-bills and repos.

9th Gear has created a new option for cash investors by providing a market for intraday lending. This new asset class will combine the returns of existing cash investments with additional value derived from both time and credit.

But who needs to borrow cash intraday?  Banks and other financial institutions!  These entities have to fund tremendous amounts of cash payments throughout the day and being out of balance at any point in time incurs cost.  This cost can be a significant issue in managing an FX business with payment needs in several currencies throughout the day.

9th Gear‘s marketplace connects cash investors with FX market-makers that need intraday payment liquidity.

Our team stands ready to discuss how this new asset class solves a market need. Contact us today to learn more.

Additional Benefits

  1. 9th Gear offers an entirely new investment vehicle to hedge funds, family offices and asset managers looking to invest cash and short-term assets.</li>

  2. Corporates can access the commercial lending market while avoiding underwriting and fund expense ratio costs.

  3. The new market allows for intraday lending in minutes, with the ability to lend overnight intact.

  4. New sources of loaned funds provide additional liquidity and credit capacity across the marketplace.