Same Day Trading and Settlement in Spot FX

Andrew Fately

Want to understand how same day trading and settlement is possible? This whitepaper addresses this question as well as what benefits same day trading offers to each participant.

On-Demand Payment Liquidity: Liquidity’s Impact on the FX Market

Andrew Fately

True on-demand liquidity will have a dramatic impact on the $5.1 trillion daily global FX market. Check out this white paper to learn who will benefit and why.

Gearinghouse: A New Marketplace for Lenders

Andrew Fately

The challenge was issued: How can you convert spot FX settlement to a same day operation from its current T+2 timeline? The inherent problem is the fact that a very high percentage of FX trades today; perhaps 70%-90%, are naked short sales. This paper explains how 9th Gear has solved the problem. 

High Speed Payment Rails

Kathy Maher and Andy Fately

Payment rails today are akin to the commuter local. While they move
funds from point A to point B, they take their sweet time doing so. As
technology continues to evolve forward, there have been a number of
efforts to improve this performance. Alas, to date, they are mostly akin
to the Acela, faster than the local, but still subject to failures and taking
more time than necessary. 9th Gear Technologies has created the
Shinkansen of payment rails, high speed and on time all the time.

Technology Pathway: The 9th Gear Journey

Maryanne Morrow and Kathy Maher

As 9th Gear considered today’s financial landscape, we looked at the biggest global market: foreign exchange (FX). With over $5 trillion in transactions every day, we decided to tackle the question: Why does it still take two days to settle payments? Equity markets have moved from five day settlements to two days in 2017 as paper stock certificates vanished and the market pushed to remove pre-settlement risks, but electronic FX settlement cycles have not budged in the past fifty years!

Benefits of On-Demand Payment Liquidity: Cost Savings Realized

Kathy Maher

The GearinghouseTM provides a B2B marketplace that enables same- day FX trading with on-demand payment liquidity. The quantification of credit risk reduction that trading through the GearinghouseTM offers is clear. Also, inherently a faster process points to an opportunity to reduce operating costs – but does this intuition bear out?

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